How To Find Coolest Videos On YouTube


For many people YouTube is a great source of entertainment especially in times of Leisure. It’s because of the myriad of videos to look on the site. The best thing is that it has diverse collection of videos to look at from across the globe. Yes! You can think of a diverse library that would never run out the videos. The fact is that majority of the people are familiar with YouTube but look a few categories only.

They miss out some of the really happening videos and desired videos which are often not categorized as YouTube videos they watch. Sometimes it happens that many of the videos people want to see are not properly spelled that’s why people are unable to find good quality videos on YouTube so we can say that they hidden from people who don’t know much.

Usually when YouTube videos are previewed simultaneously you will see number of related videos in one way or another. If you think that the videos are the same then it might not be the case every time, sometimes they are replies of the videos which you were watching moments ago. Sometimes the names of videos are totally different from what one thinks them to be about. Therefore next time while looking for a good video look for the reply of that video, you will feel the difference.

Another good way of finding quality video is to follow the people who have published a video that matches your taste. Click on the username of the person’s video which you just saw and you will be able to see all the videos he had published.

This is one good way of finding videos which only few people know. If you search the same video by general browsing then it will be hard for you to find because some people do not bother or they are lazy enough to give proper name to a file. Imagine someone uploads a file with names like “Video1” and with such kind of names searching can become a headache.

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