How to make an account on YouTube

Your videos can make you have loads of fun especially at times when upload them online and for this purpose YouTube serves the best. Though uploading a video on YouTube is an easy task still lots of don’t know how to do because it requires you to open an account. So here is a guide for beginners who want to open an account on YouTube.

  • Open
  • If you already have a Google account or Gmail email address then press login button and provide the existing email and account will be made on YouTube, this will save a lot of time. If not then follow the next step.
  • On the right hand side of the main page there would be written “Create Account hit that button and it will open a form for you to fill.
  • Form would be asking for you to fill the personal information. When you will provide the information or fill the form, click on “I Accept”.
  •  If you provided you’re previously made account of Gmail then it will be linked with YouTube and if you will provide their fresh Gmail account which you have just made, it will be linked with YouTube.
  • Sign up procedure ends here and you come to know that as you will be automatically signed in.
  • Your YouTube Account name will appear on the right corner of the YouTube Page and if you don’t see it then there might have been some problem in linking your Gmail account with YouTube.
  • In such a case open YouTube again, click on sign in and try with a new YouTube username and password.

This is the simple procedure of making an account of YouTube, however make sure that try to come up with an easy to remember username and password so that you may not be bothered or have to make an account again.

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