Guidelines for Beginner YouTube Video Viewers

Most of us have been users of YouTube since years but still there are lots of features which only a few people know. This article is an aid to those who don’t know much about YouTube and tips in here will be quiet useful for them. Some of them are as follow

Speed Up With Keyboard Shortcuts
YouTube supports many keyboard shortcuts that one should know. Shortcuts are always a great blessing especially when you are watching a video, for instance you can use spacebar button for pausing and playing the video.  Up and down scroll keys are for controlling volume and right and left keys can be used for fast rewind and forward. Home and end keys are also very useful shortcuts they take you to the beginning and ending of the video.

Lean Back Functionality
YouTube’s lean back functionality eases to browse the content especially when connected to TV. Lean back’s chic looks makes it highly impressive and with it you can browse your playlists conveniently and see the recommendations of featured videos. You can enjoy watching the channels and make most of the instant search.

Better Search and Results
the search parameters of YouTube are straight-forward and defined that’s why key terms must be very selective.   Make sure you use quotation marks, plus, minus signs if it appears in the title of the video. Besides these there specific terms of YouTube which must be mentioned while searching for desired video e.g. HD, 3D, long, short, four minutes, 20 minutes etc. Most importantly you can scrutinize your search by typing words like “today”, “this week” or “this moth” etc.

Customization of Captions
You might have used You Tube captions but might have not customized them. Yes you can add colors to your YouTube account you can change the default font, background and foreground colors etc.  This can be done by clicking on “CC” icon and then by choosing Settings.

YouTube Slam
YouTube Slam is a TestTube game that lets rate the themed video. You can get started with it by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. Click on “Try Something New” and select “YouTube Slam”. Besides YouTube Slam you can play Comedy Slam, Bizarre Slam, Cute Slam and many more.


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