Educational Benefits of YouTube Videos

YouTube is a video sharing website that started in 2005 and ever since has got immense popularity. Videos on YouTube can be uploaded by any user and has a rich genre of video content which ranges from songs, animation, cooking, make up, artwork and many more. It was first launched to share information regarding a specific hobby or talent but as the website attracted substantial audiences and bigger organizations it widened its compass.

Students of almost all the age groups have a lot to dig in YouTube, Where there are lots of cartoons and funny videos for children on YouTube one can find plenty of helpful educational material as well.  For Instance Wildlife Conservation Society is a good informative channel for children where they can see the clips about the conservation efforts that are being carried out all over.

Blick Art materials via YouTube publish their step by step trainings and technique for sculpting, art projects and painting etc. Besides Sesame street also has a channel which is dedicated to sharing of different clips from different shows. Many of the esteemed colleges like UC Berkeley have appreciated YouTube’s services in sharing the knowledge for free. If you view the page of UC Berkeley on YouTube you will be able to get full lectures of various subjects. The classes are same as the students of campus experienced and the education provided on education in the form of clips is of top quality.

YouTube has so much to offer for small children. Story bots are amazing creations they are cute animated figures that help children learn basics through fun and sing along songs. Story bots are not only colorful and cute but also attract the attention of parents as well as children. Most importantly they play a great role in educating the small children through YouTube.

A decade ago there was no concept of YouTube but now it has entirely reshaped the communication ways and means. It has opened new horizons for educational institutes, for profit and non-profit organizations to engage new audience and share important information.

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