Ways for finding new videos on YouTube

Here are some of the tips on finding the latest videos on YouTube.
What you have to do is look for trends, trending content will ensure that in accordance with the latest and most happening videos, clips and news footage.  So in order to see the latest videos of various regions, ages and genders YouTube Trends Dashboard is the key.

If you are crazy about music videos then YouTube’s Disco Tool is best for the purpose, its sets you free from keyword based search results and curates the playlist itself. You can simply open YouTube disco tool and type the name of artist or band you wish you see and see how it provides you with streams of desired videos.

Another interesting way of finding latest videos is by asking your friends and YouTube’s Social Option serves best for asking. You can easily get social by connecting your social media accounts with YouTube related activities. You can hook up with Google plus accounts, twitter and facebook etc to see what your friends have posted from YouTube.
Social Tab can be found on left side of the YouTube’s Homepage, click it and it will allow you to connect with more than one social account.

You can also stay aligned with trending videos by checking the charts. Instead of conducting a search from scratch you can have a glance on most liked, top favorite, most discussed and most popular videos within a certain time period. You can jot down the list of songs of a particular artist by clicking the most-loved YouTube videos.

Lastly if you are in a mood to browse then type the desired item on YouTube Topics and get started. This section is ideal for finding even that content about which you are not sure but with little browsing you can easily find out the content you were searching for.

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