How YouTube videos and channels can be optimized

After Google YouTube is the second largest search engine. More than 800 million users visit YouTube each month and approximately 4 billion of videos are watched each month. It’s not just only a great place for the purposes of entertainment and education but also for the marketers and companies too. The reason behind such inclination is that its place where you can optimize your own videos and channels. Here are some of the optimizing features

Key Word

YouTube keyword is an essential part of the optimization. You can select an appropriate keyword that matches and can also be added to title and description of video. To increase the search volume you can add as many keywords as you like so that your video might be accessed quickly.

Video Title

The limit of 70 characters must not be exceeded while giving a title to video. The title can be really very much effective if it links to the content. This assures you that your entire title will be shown up in searched results.

Video Description

Video description cannot exceed 160 characters. The description should be of short text and having in it the keywords that you chose for the video.


The most remarkable feature of YouTube Video Optimization is that you can add your video to the category where it belongs to. The selected category must be in accordance with the content.  Some of the categories are autos and vehicles, comedy, education, entertainment, films and animations, gaming, music, politics, science, sports, travel and events.

Channel Elements

You can create, build and maintain your own channel which is an exceptional way to share content with audience and promote your products, services and business.

So if you are tired of watching the same old stuff again and again then don’t wait and try optimizing features and give your YouTube Channel page a brand new look like your website in terms of graphics and colors.

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