Tips and tricks for YouTube video viewers

YouTube is an amazing broadcasting site with amazing features. Majority of the people might be familiar with these features but here are some of the features which are purely for beginners. While using YouTube you can:

Socialize with sharing options

you can easily share your YouTube without hooking up on social networking sites but if you hook up your life becomes easier. Whenever you upload any video, like, comment or share any video your twitter and Facebook friends will automatically come to know what you just uploaded.

Search in multi-language

Unlike any other broadcasting site, YouTube offers its users with foreign language keyboard. This feature facilitates users of almost all kind of foreign language users regardless of the keyboard’s layout. All you have to do is change your language setting to preferred language.

Alter resolutions and sizes of videos

Sometimes on clicking the full screen option the resolution and size doesn’t fit to the eye or screen. You can select various sizes of the videos and adjust the resolution on the bottom right of the video. Besides this you play HD whenever you switch to full screen. This can be done in Settings and then in Playback Setup.

Save videos for upcoming time

If you have found something really worth watching and unfortunately you have to go somewhere then you can save it to watch later. You can save video on the main page under the “add to” icon. On the bottom of the menu bar “Watch Later” button appears.

To view your list of Watch later go to menu and select Video Manager.

View history manager

Sometimes you regret after deleting something or by mistake close a tab, for such kind of problem You Tube offer “History Reviewing” option. Click on user name on top right and find Video Manager and find the videos that deleted and recently watched.

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