How to upload videos on YouTube

Uploading a video on YouTube can be intimidating for beginners but once they do it, they will find it the easiest thing they had ever done. For uploading a video make sure that you have an account and you are signed into it. This can be checked by looking at the top right hand side of the main page. If you see your YouTube username and password over there, it means that you are now signed in.

Next to the username there will be a link of Upload, click on that. On clicking that you will be given two options, first one will be asking you to ‘Upload a Video’ and the second one will be titled ‘Record from Webcam’. As per requirement you have to click ‘Upload Video’ Button. Once you click that a new window will pop up that will enable you to select a file from your hard disk. Give the path of desired file you want to upload and click the ‘Choose’ button.

Your desired video will start uploading and you will be able to monitor its progress. During upload you can do other tasks but make sure that you don’t close the window where the upload is in progress. When the upload will be finished you will be allowed to alter the name of the file and give its descriptions. After doing that you will be allowed to set your privacy options and other relevant information.

Uploaded video will take some time to get processed on the servers of YouTube and then it will be ready for online view. You can also label your own uploaded videos by clicking on the username and it will present to you all the videos that you uploaded. You can now watch and share you videos. For sharing press the ‘share’ button under the video and it will send the link of video to the people you choose from your email, Facebook twitter etc.

That’s all for uploading!! Hope you have no trouble while uploading.

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